Luxury vinyl flooring has microscopic air holes that circulate air. When it's humid, the vinyl can expand. Alternatively, it shrinks when it's dry.

This is true whether it's in the form of a square, tile-sized pieces, or long planks. Read more to learn about luxury vinyl tile and expansion.

Aligning the product’s moisture levels

Acclimate the product for 48 hours before installation. It’s especially critical if the floor is installed to float.

All you do is place opened boxes, or the pieces, in the room where it’s installed for a couple of days. The room must be climate controlled without excessive air conditioning or heat.

This allows the luxury vinyl tile or plank pieces to get used to their new environment, even if it comes from a warehouse in your neighborhood. After all, the storage temperature could be very different from that of your home.

What happens if I don’t acclimate?

The movement might only be a fraction of an inch, but it will make a difference. With a floating floor, the pieces mat and hover over the subfloor.

Since they aren't attached to the subfloor, the surface can go off balance. That affects both appearance and performance.
The tile-sized pieces, called LVT flooring, can also crack and warp. Installers sometimes add an expansion gap.

The many benefits of luxury vinyl flooring

Acclimation is a tiny effort, considering the vast amount of value this product provides. In addition, it is affordable, with a high-end style.

The style includes true-to-life images of wood, stone, and tile with textures—the floors are waterproof, highly durable, and low maintenance.

High quality, great prices, and superior services

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