Steam cleaning is not recommended for luxury vinyl tile. Fortunately, one of the significant benefits you'll love with the plank or tile forms of luxury vinyl flooring is its low maintenance. 

You can clean it very simply and easily. Please continue reading to learn how.

Why not use a steam cleaner?

Steam cleaners use intense heat that turns liquid into vapor. It's an excellent method to clean and disinfect some floors–but not for this!

Luxury vinyl flooring
has microscopic holes. You can't see them, but they circulate air.

When it's humid or dry, the vinyl expands or shrinks. That affects both appearance and performance!

Luxury vinyl is highly durable and waterproof. However, the heat, steam, and moisture will penetrate vinyl plank or luxury vinyl tile and cause harm.

How to clean?

All LVP and LVT flooring need is regular sweeping. If possible, sweep daily because sand is sharp and will embed and scratch.

Damp mop every week or two, depending on your lifestyle. Always use an approved cleaner; you can find the list in your warranty or on the manufacturer's website. 

It's essential to avoid waxy, shine-promoting substances. This is why at the top of the luxury vinyl flooring is a clear urethane finish that adds extra shine and strength.  

Waxy substances destroy it and dull the floor. Want even more shine on your LVP or LVT flooring?

Add a drop of baby oil to your cleaning mixture–or seek the advice of a flooring expert.

What about stains?

Most can be removed with a baking soda/water paste, nail polish remover, or alcohol. WD-40 will remove scuff marks.  

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